About Us

At JULIAN ROBERTS FINE BOOKS we pride ourselves in specialising in the finest quality First Editions of Literature, Fiction, and Childrens Books, including some selective Antiquarian titles.  We hope you enjoy browsing our inventory and if there are any titles or authors that you are specifically looking for, let us know and we will do our best to find these for you.


I have always had an interest in books and libraries; well, for as long as I remember anyway.  Not the sort of highly visible, glamorous Country House library but more the private library – the “guilty pleasure” – put together by one and to be shared by one and one only; these small libraries are often strictly devoted to a specific genre or a handful of authors, and are collected with furious and determined ambition.  I am in tune with this type of collecting and indeed it was this sort of driving passion that led to me dealing full time in books over twenty years ago.  I found that book dealing gave me the opportunity to buy and hold (albeit for a short time) titles in the condition and of the value that I really would never have handled otherwise.


Having previously worked in the Houses of Parliament and for the Editor of Country Life Magazine, I can now be found working behind the scenes at Julian Roberts Fine Books.  This includes dealing with the general organisation and administration, answering enquiries and speaking with customers, as well as handling and sending out the orders.  If you have any queries about an order, give me a ring on +44(0)1529497 271 or contact me at pollyanne@jrfinebooks.com








We have often been asked about our emblem comprising of an elephant and canopied seat [howdah].  Although we cover all eras, the elephant symbolises our interest in literature from the Golden Age of late British Imperialism with the then reigning monarchs of Victoria and her son Edward VII.   


“Beyond rarity, condition is everything”.